EST Company was founded in 2012. The main directions of the company are the production of equipment and the development of non-standard technological solutions for food producers.

The company does not stand still – in recent years the line of products has been expanded, equipment is constantly improved and new technologies are introduced, the only in Ukraine mass production of cheddar cheese and individual solutions in the field of diffusion pickling of food. The volume of production of non-standard equipment in the form of vacuum filters, atomizers, drum chambers of drum and conveyor type, cheese shapers, etc. has been increased. At present, the company is a dynamically developing enterprise, with a close-knit qualified team of specialists in the field of food production and mechanical engineering.

The equipment let out by us differs:

1) an innovative approach to the realization of your wishes

2) high quality of all units and units

3) unique solutions for ease of maintenance

4) possibility of adaptation of the equipment to your requirements

5) ease of management

6) a high degree of protection against human exposure

6) reliable service

7) functionality of options

Extensive experience in the snack industry and a comprehensive understanding of the industry, allows us to approach the most complex problems as accurately as possible.