Automatic brine preparation system

Evitare – 250

Loading window

Stylish cabinet

Stylish handle

Roomy stowage space

Dimensions (WxLxH)

2700х1750х3150 mm

One-time loading

100-300 kg

Power (rated)

5000 W


4-6 atmospheres


1250 kg


Increased productivity of up to 40%


Adapted to raw materials of inconsistent quality


Easy to operate


Production settings screen
  • The automatic brine preparation station performs the functions of preparation, mixing, heating and precise dosing of the brine into the diffusion chamber.
  • Heating of the prepared water to a maximum temperature of 90°C allows the salt to dissolve as much as possible and prepare the brine for its subsequent use.
  • Precise computer-controlled brine dosage minimizes the amount of unused brine to 5 liters per 150 kg of raw material, thereby eliminating the need for constant monitoring of brine concentration.

Characteristics of the brine preparation unit
Evitare — 250

The brine preparation unit is customizable to your needs and preferences

Steam flow rate100 kg/h
One-time loading100-300 kg
One load cycle15 min
Rated power5 kW
Air flow rate20-50 m3/h
Air pressure (min/max)4-6 atmospheres
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)2700х1750х3150 mm
Weight1250 kg

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