Mozzarella ball former
Formare — MC-200

Setting up the mass feed

Loading window

Unloading drive

Cheese forming press

Feeding drive

Dimensions (L: W: H)

1250х690х1400 mm


from 100 kg / h

Power (nominal)

2000 W




400 kg


Increased productivity up to 40%


Adapted to raw materials of variable quality


Easy to use


Factory Settings Screen
  • Former Formare – MC-200 allows you to get the final product weighing from 10 to 600 grams.
  • The shape of the product depends on the cell format of the interchangeable drum (one drum is included in the package).
  • The machine is equipped with a control panel for regulating the feed rate of raw materials and a regulator for the rotation of the drum.
  • Two-screw system for feeding cheese dough into a former with a total length of 700 mm.
  • Function for heating cheese dough during kneading with augers.
  • Quickly dismountable design for easy cleaning and disinfection of equipment.
  • Manufacturing individually for the customer’s technological process.

Can be used to produce:

  • Brine group of cheeses
  • Thermalized curds
  • Cream cheese

Features of the cheese ball dispenser
Formare — MC-200

The cheese melter is made for everyone according to individual characteristics and preferences

Title Value
Performance 100 kg / h
Voltage 380V
Rated power 2000W
Pressure 1.5 to 2 atm
Overall dimensions LxWxH 1250x690x1400 mm
Weight 400 kg

Products that can be manufactured on
ball former Formare — MC-200

Each product has its own technology and recipe

Sorts of cheese

  • Mozzarella
  • Feta
  • Suluguni
  • Scamorza
  • Provolone

Shape of cheese

  • Ball (Ball)
  • Barrel
  • Stick
  • Bar
  • Square
  • Triangle

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