Diffusion salting station LDS – 600

Станция диффузионного посола LDS — 500

Operating screen

Dry salt loading window

Raw material loading window

Remote control

Product unloading window

Dimensions (L: W: H)

3600х2400х2200 mm


from 500 kg / h


35000 W

Chamber volume

2385 l


3200 kg


Increased productivity up to 40%


Adapted to different raw materials


Easy to use


Automatic process on screen

Thermal vacuum diffusion salting

High-quality pickling of seeds and nuts is a guarantee of long-term storage with the best taste that your customers will highly appreciate.

Diffusion-salted seeds and nuts, in a vacuum environment, have an original rich taste and are less susceptible to oxidation processes. The advantage of using the vacuum principle of diffusion salting is a low level of waste brine residue, since in a high vacuum environment the product absorbs the maximum possible amount of brine. Therefore, your “product is always salted with fresh brine” , which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the final product, and also excludes the use of all kinds of filters and settling tanks with a constant need to boil the brine and, accordingly , electricity costs.

It is thanks to the deep vacuum combined with the advanced technologies in the field of salting that the product salted in our equipment has a much brighter taste in comparison with products salted in hot water.

Technologically, this complex can saturate products not only with salt, but also with other flavoring and aromatic ingredients, which allows you to make many new products that your consumers will certainly appreciate.

The principle of diffusion salting consists in the penetration of brine into the interior of the product, through its natural protective shells. The product (seeds, nuts) is fed into the machine raw, then, with the help of pressure, temperature and vacuum vibration, pores are opened at the product peel, through which a pre-prepared salt solution enters (into the kernel of a seed, nut) and spice . This ensures the highest taste characteristics.

Salting equipment specificationss
LDS — 600

Title Value
Performance (depends on the quality of incoming raw materials) 500 kg / h
Diffusion chamber 2385 l
Z-conveyor height 4500 mm
Power rating 35 kW
Average power consumption 17 kWh
Maximum water consumption 600 l / h

Salting line complete set
LDS – 600

Title Quantity, pcs
Diffusion chamber 1
Vacuum station with pump protection against salt vapors with double air filtration 1
Station for automatic brine preparation Evitare – 250 1
Unit for precise dosing of brine to the amount of loaded raw materials 1
Full automation of the salting process (control via a multifunctional controller with a touch panel) 1
Flavoring system 1
Receiving hopper with weighing function, binding to 1C and printing capability 1
Node for washing seeds after salting 1
Movable unloading hopper 4
Overpass and maintenance platform 1

Our customers

Large producers of seeds, nuts and snack products

Products manufactured using diffusion equipment

Completed orders

Installation of diffusion equipment for pickling in Tajikistan

Installation of diffusion equipment for pickling in Tajikistan


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