Cheese Plasticizer (Cheddarizer) CHZ-500

Пластификатор (Чеддеризатор) CHZ-500

Cheese dough unloading window

Cheese grain grinder drive

Cheese grain grinder windows

Whey separator drive

Dairy products pump

Price and specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)

2200х600х2000 mm


700 kg/h


5 000 W

Steam consumption

60 kg/h


320 kg


Increased productivity of up to 40%


Adapted to raw materials of inconsistent quality


Easy to operate


Production settings screen
  • The chopping module is equipped with three knives (unlike many analogues with two), which enables more thorough chopping of raw materials.
  • The continuous heat exchanger is made according to the tube-in-tube principle, which prevents fouling on the walls of the plasticizer.
  • The multi-section whey separator makes it possible to work with raw materials of different qualities.
  • Automatic temperature control function contributes to even preparation of cheese dough.
  • The continuous rinsing system prevents the cheese mass from sticking on the surface of the whey separation cone.
  • Ability to connect CIP washer.
  • The easy to dismount structure enables fast cleaning of the equipment even without a CIP washer.

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