Press cart PT-500
made of stainless steel for cheese grains

Pneumatic press

Reinforced frame

Heavy-duty wheels

Dimensions (WxLxH)

1330х890х1880 mm


400 l


up to 60 kPa


160 kg

  • The purpose of forming the raw material is to bring the grains together into a monolith (layer) and facilitate the release of whey. The bonding of the grains is achieved by removing the whey that is between them.
  • Compaction of the cheese mass during forming affects the formation of the raw material structure.
  • The denser the mass, the smaller the space between the grains.
  • In order to get a denser mass of cheese as a result of forming, it is necessary to protect it from cooling before pressing, in which case the cheese grains quickly become coarse and lose their stickiness.
  • These grains do not deform well, so they are not stacked tightly, do not stick together, and there is whey between them. If the mass is cooled quickly, the whey is released slowly due to its increased viscosity and slow increase in acidity, and the compaction of the mass is impaired. One of the ways to combat this problem is to use press carts.

Features of press cart PT-500
for cottage cheese and cheese

Name Value
Capacity 400 l
Pressure up to 60 kPa
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1330х890х1880 mm
Weight 160 kg

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