Pneumatic press for molding Formare cheese – 1000

Формовщик пре-пресс для сыра Formare — 1000

Верхние пневмо-цилиндры

Окно выгрузки сыра

Боковые пневмо-цилиндры

Dimensions (L: W: H)

2500х6850х2580 mm


2500 l


500/1000 kg

Layer thickness

80 to 240 mm


2500 kg


Increased productivity up to 40%


Adapted to raw materials of variable quality


Easy to use


Easy to use

The molder is designed to receive curd, form it into a layer, remove whey and cut the cheese layer into bars.
In this model, the knife-wall is reliably fixed as a result of changes in the fastener design, which significantly increases the tightness of the bale chamber in comparison with most analogues.
The modernization and strengthening of the filter plates has led to an increase in the strength and reliability of the structure.
The mechanism for pulling the filter plates has been changed, the rod has been repeatedly strengthened and the mechanism for engaging filter plates has been improved in order to avoid formation rupture and other related problems.
The presence of electronics greatly improves the accuracy and convenience of work.

Characteristics of the cheese mold
Formare — 1000

Препресс для сыра изготавливается под индивидуальные особенности и предпочтения

Bath volume2500 l
Curd capacity500/1000 kg
Total area of ​​filter plates7m²
Range of adjustment of the seam length3940 to 5000 mm
Layer thickness80 to 240 mm
Distance between slitting knife blades140mm
Diameter of the whey outlet80mm
Nominal / Maximum pressure of the supplied compressed air0.6 MPa / 0.8 MPa
Specific pressure on the formation during pre-pressing (compressed air pressure 0.6 MPa)up to 7.9 kPa
Internal dimensions of the bath (LxWxD)5400х1400х515 mm
Overall dimensions LxWxH (no more)6850x2500x2580 mm
Mass (no more)2500 kg

Products made on a cheese press
Formare — 1000

Each product has its own recipe and technology.

Hard cheese

  • "Dutch", "Kostroma", "Gouda", "Edam",
  • "Poshekhonsky", "Yaroslavsky", "Estonian",
  • "Steppe", "Uglich", "Bukovinsky",
  • "Baltic", "Lithuanian", etc.

Hard rennet cheese

  • Cheddar,
  • "Russian", etc.

Rennet semi-hard cheese

  • "Latvian",
  • "Spicy",
  • "Novo Ukrainian" and others.

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