Centrifugal food processing pump Eterno – 5K



Protective housing

Dimensions (LxWxH)

370х180х200 mm


5 m3/hour


380 V


10 kg

  • Premium quality single-stage single-suction centrifugal pumps are designed for use in industries with high demands on hygiene and operating flexibility to increase production efficiency.
  • The installed motor is equipped with noise-absorbing properties and runs much quieter than most analogues.
  • Manufactured from chemically resistant, high-quality materials that meet the most stringent requirements of global hygiene standards.
  • Ceramic gland and reliable and simple design ensures long and trouble-free operation, and the easy-to-disassemble structure ensures easier maintenance and cleaning.
  • Provides for cleaning and sterilization without disassembly according to performance criteria for pumps.
  • The pumps can be used for liquids with operating temperatures up to 110 °C.
  • The kit includes additional motor protection, which is made of chemically resistant stainless steel.

Specifications of food processing pump
Eterno — 5K

Name Value
Productivity 5 mᵌ/h
Power 1,1 kW
Rotation speed 1500 rpm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 370х180х200 mm
Weight 10 kg

Application of the centrifugal pump
Eterno — 5K

  • in the dairy industry – for pumping milk, milk whey, buttermilk, vegetable oil, cream, ice cream mixtures, skim, condensed milk, milk bacterial starter, kefir, ayran (and other dairy products), CIP-solutions
  • in the brewing industry – for transportation of beer mash (version with shaft speed of 1000 rpm and 1500 rpm), beer wort, purified water, brewer’s spent grains, starch hydrolyzate, alcohol yeast solution, steamed grains
  • in the wine and spirits industry – for wine, grape must, softened purified water, lute water, epiurate, blend, spirit and water-alcohol mixture, vodka tint, cognac, wine barda, spirited juice
  • in soft drinks production – for pumping vegetable and fruit juices, vitamin and mineral water, mors, nectar, kvass, syrup, as well as gas-containing drinks
  • in the canning industry – for food products such as sauces, dips, saline solution (pickle brine), marinades, sugar syrup,
  • for vacuum extraction of viscous media in vacuum evaporation units.

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